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alein attack alein attack

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

its an ok game. well in the sense that the graphics appear to be your own so well done, however its extremely unoriginal in the sense that its space invaders without a scoring system. To improve this game perhaps add different levels where the ships are in different formations or move differently than just the standard side to side. or perhaps if you added some sort of power ups? another good idea would perhaps be a special two player mode where for example you could have one person who moves the player and the other that shoots or having to player controlled tank things(for two friends who want to play on the same computer). all in all I think the graphics are fine but the game doe require alot more features before I would rate it any higher. it would also be a good idea to add a pre loader and some sort of finish screen when you have won the game. in summery with a bit more work you could create a new faster paced modern version of the classic space invaders game that i'm sure many people would play for hours including me, if you add some more features and polished up the whole thing with some cool music and sound effects, upgrades/levels etc and definitely a pre loader i can see this game becoming quite popular. you just need to find a new angle that captivates people. :)

Platformer escape DEMO Platformer escape DEMO

Rated 1 / 5 stars

needs alot of work

well let's look at the simple fact that It's a demo. to tell you the truth I don't care that it is but a bit of advice: To me,a demo should, in a way, be trying to "sell" the game to the wonderfull people on newgrounds. However if you look at this "demo" it has good concepts and ideas but Your not exactly showing people that it's gonna be a good game. you have to show the people what the out come will be for example. your character should at least reflect what your char will be like in the finished product. because I can garentee thatif in the finished product that your character is gong to be a face then I wouldn't be suprised if you got an extremely low score. However as I have said you have good concepts however you really have to redo the entire game. and actually make it look as if your going to work hard on this game and not just cut as many corners as possible.

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someguy127 responds:

yeah your right, i shouldve put some more effort for the demo, but i was kind of just trying to put out ideas for now, i just felt like spending a few hours on it today :p lazyness ha... but also i made this version psp compatible so it couldnt be to graphic intensive :/

Animated Preloaders Animated Preloaders

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was good, but.....

this was good but and it helped alot but the background gave me a headache

so really the only thing that bothered me was the bg

anyway good tutorial.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

I made an update to the tutorial recently, I'll think of changing the BG for next update which may be soon cuz i'm tired of ppl saying that. Thanks for the review.